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IN 2022

At the edge of the Amsterdam city ring we are working on the construction of a unique, versatile logistics hub with 125,000 m2 of ultra energy-efficient warehousing and office space near the centre of Amsterdam. With the port and ring roads within arm's reach, the canal network and the city centre of Amsterdam will become accessible with zero emissions from 2022. The Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub and its partners in circular and emissions-free city logistics are set to completely redefine ‘last mile’ distribution. We will do this with support from the port authority, Amsterdam City Council and top businesses who will work together and create synergies at this unique location.

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Hexagon Logistics Hub

Cityhub for
hotels and catering

Amsterdam Cityhub will make use of smart picking and bundling of goods to supply hotels, restaurants and other catering establishments, saving on warehouse space and storage in expensive city locations. Value added services like wrapping, repackaging and food preparation can also be based at the ALC.

Hexagon Staffing Hub


The ALC site is set to serve as a key hub for construction materials and construction personnel. Daily deliveries can be transported to construction sites in the city, while personnel can meet at the ALC before making their onwards journey together in the same transport. Waste from the previous day can be removed on their return journey.

Hexagon Staffing Hub


Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will use the canal network for the emissions-free delivery of packages and parcels. This will allow deliveries to be made at high frequency, as required by the customer, for all shop formats, right into the centre of Amsterdam.



The Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is right next to the Noordzeekanaal and has easy access to and from the S101. The city centre (Amsterdam CS) is less than seven minutes away by water, while the Amsterdam ring road is one kilometre away. This makes it an ideal and extremely sustainable location for a future-proof hub from which your business can serve the city centre of Amsterdam.


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The policy of most city councils these days is aimed at restricting traffic congestion and cutting CO2 emissions in the centre of their cities as much as possible. Amsterdam has radical plans to keep all emitting vehicles outside the city limits by 2030. The transport of goods and people needs to become cleaner, quieter and safer. This creates a dilemma for carriers and producers taking goods into and out of the city since, alongside the targets for emissions reductions, the demand for home deliveries, residential construction and employee mobility is also growing. No one wants to wait for days for a parcel delivery, spend years waiting for their new house, or be unable to find a decorator or plasterer. The Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub effectively responds to the logistics needs of the city now and well into the future while avoiding emissions. Serving the city, future proof.


In the port area close to the centre of Amsterdam, we are constructing an immense circular and multi-modal logistics space, specifically designed to serve the ‘last mile’ to and from the centre of Amsterdam.

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Getting goods and people into the city, and waste out.


Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is not only focused on the storage of goods. It also facilitates the sustainable transport of goods to and from Amsterdam city centre. The impact of ‘last mile distribution’ on the environment and the costs of the entire transport chain require unorthodox methods and special technology. To this end, ALC is involved in the development of electric, emissions-free Canal Cruisers whose dimensions (length, width and height) have been optimised for the Amsterdam canal network. They will be used for the transport of goods and people travelling into the city. The flexible seating has been designed to be easy to collapse and stow, making space for parcels and pallets picked using smart technology.

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