To enable efficient and secure transport around the building, 175 loading docks have been installed on two floors. This creates an optimal flow of goods. On the water side of the premises, the supply and delivery of goods can be facilitated by water.


In cooperating with high-quality transport partners, Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will facilitate the emissions-free and primarily electric transport of goods to and from locations inside the Amsterdam ring road. Transport by water will play a key role in making this possible. The hub's location in the port and reciprocal arrangements with the Port of Amsterdam Authority will allow maximum use of the waterways in and around the city. It is a perfect solution and the best alternative to using the busy, often congested road network. Bundling logistics flows and synergy between partners within the logistics hub will also help to ensure more efficient, greener transport movements to and from the centre.

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The Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is not only the much-needed future-proof solution for goods transport the city has been waiting for; the building will also facilitate around 1,600 (paid) parking spaces that your staff can use if they want to travel into the centre of Amsterdam as a group. This makes it a great solution for building companies, project developers, employment agencies, events organisers and others who want to get their staff to, sometimes temporary, work locations in the city by organised transport.

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Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will make maximum use of transport by water for deliveries in the city centre. Amsterdam has an extensive network of waterways, rivers and canals that have the potential to significantly reduce pressure on the city's road network. Endless streams of delivery vans rumbling through the streets will be replaced by quiet, electric delivery boats specifically developed for the city.

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