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Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will make maximum use of transport by water for deliveries in the city centre. Amsterdam has an extensive network of waterways, rivers and canals that have the potential to significantly reduce pressure on the city's road network. Endless streams of delivery vans rumbling through the streets will be replaced by quiet, electric delivery boats specifically developed for the city. The length, width and height of these emissions-free Canal Cruisers have been optimised for the waterway network and will be suitable for both goods and passenger transport. Getting goods and people into the city, and waste out. The flexible seating has been designed to be easy to collapse and stow, making space for parcels and pallets picked using smart technology. A small crane on the boat will allow easy transfer of goods to the delivery location on the waterside.



There is no need for special mooring sites; the boat has 'spud piles' that can be extended into the canal; the boat "parks" in the middle of the waterway, reducing the demands on quayside locations. The concept of the Canal Cruiser was developed by Azure Naval Architects under contract to Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub.


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